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Rule of Life

Father Gerardo di  Flumeri



1. It consists in Vitinia - Rome, Via Castel Guelpho 53/55 Catholic Association "The Disciples of Padre Pio," in which each member is committed to assist the man "himself." The Association has been recognized in accordance with can.299 and 321-326 CIC On 23/01/2003 the card. Vicar of Rome, prot.73 / 03.

2. "lonely man" means man or woman, young, old or older, who, disappointed by life, has lost the sense of human and Christian existence and lives in a state of loneliness and despair. The preferences of the Association go to young people, particularly afflicted by hardship and loneliness.

3. The Association, which is not for profit and non-partisan, pursues exclusively charitable purposes, in light of the teachings of the Church and in the Franciscan spirit in the wake of the spirituality of Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.

4. Therefore, the Association has two characteristics: it is Catholic and Franciscan.

4.1 As a Catholic, is at the service of the church built in the parish of Vitinia dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Agony. It also aims to increase the membership and humans "only" the life of divine grace, developing in them the practice of the theological virtues: faith, hope and charity, as he lived Padre Pio. Without faith it is impossible to please God, and there is no way to give birth to the Christian hope and enjoy the authentic supernatural charity.

4.2 As a Franciscan, the Association is committed to following basic lines of the spirituality of the first stigmatized priest, made out of love for God and neighbor, to follow Christ crucified, a spirit of sacrifice and filial obedience to the Holy Mother Church.

5. In order to achieve its aims of helping man "only" wherever they may be, the Association has in mind to build "houses" in Italy and abroad. Of these the first is the "House of Hospitality Padre Pio" founded in Vitinia - Rome, 11 May 1997. Every home should integrate in their own parish and should be a place where he finds shelter and comfort the man "only" rich or poor as it is, in the arms of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina in the company of his spiritual children.

6. The host of Man "only" access. However, those who can are urged to contribute to the costs of hospitalization, in the spirit of Christian charity and human solidarity. 

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