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24. The President or the President is elected / to the Assembly and must be a partner / in ordinary / a. And 'the highest authority of the Association, which manages and is the legal representative for all purposes, with third parties and in legal proceedings.

25. In the event of his absence or disability, the President may delegate to another member or regular partner / in some of its functions.

26. The President or the President, as well as to implement the resolutions of the Assembly, provides for the normal running of the Association, direct and supervise the administration of all social and take the urgent measures necessary for the practical implementation of the tasks for the social and 'implementation of the resolutions of the Assembly.

27. The President or the President shall convene the Assembly of law, shall appoint a secretary and chair of the meetings law.

28. The term of office is three years and is only re-elected for another three years. Permanent residence in the headquarters of the Mother "Hospitality House Padre Pio" Via Castel Guelph 53/55 in Vitinia, Rome.

In view of the moral authority of the founder, it is proposed that Mrs. Irene Gaeta is president for life, unless they renounce voluntarily to the office. 



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